EuCF The European Coaching Federation  
A european framework for quality in coaching and training       
Welcome to the European Coaching Federation (EuCF)!

We are a Federation of highly qualified European Coaches and organised as a non-profit Association under Austrian law.

All our members (accredited EuCF Coach)
  • have a university degree
  • are bilingual and have worked in two languages environments
  • have at least 3 years of training in coaching processes with proven competency

  • their training has included crisisintervention and group processes
  • have a proven work record in coachings, projects or trainings for 3 years after their graduations
  • have been recommended by at least 3 members
EuCF officers in the Training Standard Committee come from many European Nations:
Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slowakia.

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